Men's Cross Country
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Men's Cross Country - McCracken's Grogan nearly makes podium in state XC meet; Boys Team Finished 13th
Author: Paducah Sun
The boys team placed 13th out of 38 teams. Leading the way was Wes Grogan, placing 16th and making the All State team. 2nd on the team was Ethan Smith, placing 64th. Cameron Jackson, Jeremiah Grogan and Michael Helmich rounded out the top five for th
Men's Cross Country - McCracken to send runners to state XC meet
Author: Paducah Sun
Mustangs Men’s Cross Country finished 3rd in the Region and advance to State! Regional Cross Country Mustangs Top 15 finishers - Cameron Jackson 14th, Wes Grogan 6th! ----- Despite ever-changing temperatures and the downpour of rain,
Men's Cross Country - Mustangs racing to finish strong this season; McCracken senior Grogan win at McCracken XC meet
Author: Paducah Sun
McCracken County’s boys’ cross-country team has been in the midst of a rebuild the last three years. Now, it looks like the Mustangs are in a position to compete not only for a First Region title, but in Area 1 and perhaps even the state. With
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