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Mustang Marching Band at Murphrysboro Appletime Festival
Band - Finished in Top 10 at State!
Congrats MMB on making top 10 at State Championships! We overcame a lot of obstacles today!! Great Season!! 2015- Did not qualify 2016- 16th 2017- 12th 2018- 11th 2019- 10th - 8th in Music👍 McCracken Proud!!! #2020bigger&better
Band - Mustangs Band wins in Murphysboro
Congratulations to the Mustangs Marching Band on being awarded 1st Place in Class, Best Visual in Class, Best Overall Soloist and Overall Grand Champions this weekend in Murphysboro, Illinois! 
Band - MCHS Band Students Selected to the KMEA District 1 All-District Bands
The McCracken County High School Band program had a record number of students selected to the KMEA District 1 All-District Bands. Forty-three MCHS students were selected along with 11 alternates. Fourteen MCHS students advanced to the
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Steven Page 8/28/2012

"Great job at the Reidland vs. Heath game!"

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