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The Tradition Begins Now
Mustangs Football - Mustangs close regular season at Christian
Author: Paducah Sun
Even though tonight's game has no impact on his team's looming playoff matchup next week, McCracken County football coach Jack Haskins insists he is not looking ahead. The Mustangs will face DuPont Manual in the first round of the state tourn
Mustangs Football - Mustangs win big against Henderson
Author: Paducah Sun
HENDERSON - Using the next-man-up philosophy, the unsung players stepped up for McCracken County on Friday to win a district championship. Three key players were suspended for the Mustangs in their pivotal 1st District matchup with Henderso
ANNOUNCEMENT: REMINDER: Mustangs Varsity Football @ Christian County 10/30
Mustangs Varsity Football game at Christian County will be played on THURSDAY, October 30th at 7pm.
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