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The Tradition Begins Now
Football - McCracken blanks Muhlenberg, 48-0
Author: Paducah Sun
In a season where Taeshawn Allen’s accomplishments have gathered most of the attention, it was Zander Hamby’s 54-yard run with 2:37 left in the first half that seemed to put the punctuation on McCracken County’s 48-0 win over Muhlenberg County at Mar
Football - McCracken rolls over Muhlenberg
Author: Paducah Sun
Franklin Hayes was unstoppable Friday, totaling four touchdowns in McCracken County High School's 49-0 annihilation of Muhlenberg County. Hayes gained 51 yards in eight rushing attempts, while TaeShawn Allen gained 101 yards on five attempts. Musta
Football - Mustangs outlast the Choctaws, 41-27
Author: Paducah Sun
It was a game of two different halves for the McCracken Mustangs in a 41-27 win over the Dyer County Choctaws Friday night on senior night at Marquette Stadium. In the first half the Mustangs could not get out of their own way with nine penalties fo
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