McCracken County Mustangs Football

McCracken Co. vs. Henderson Co. (Away)

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October 2014
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The Tradition Begins Now
ANNOUNCEMENT: REMINDER: Mustangs Varsity Football @ Christian County 10/30
Mustangs Varsity Football game at Christian County will be played on THURSDAY, October 30th at 7pm.
Mustangs Football - Mustangs combine defense, big plays for win
Author: Paducah Sun
Don't be surprised that No. 9 McCracken County feels like it can be its own worst enemy at times. The Mustangs committed two turnovers and had some trouble keeping the yellow flag in the referee's pocket to the tune of 11 penalties for 114 yards
ANNOUNCEMENT: Mustangs FR/JV Football - Schedule Updates
Mustangs FR/JV Football games at Evansvillle Reitz for Saturday, October 18th have been CANCELLED.
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