McCracken County Mustangs Women's Soccer
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Women's Soccer - Lady Mustangs open season with 6-1 win over Lady Vikings
Author: Paducah Sun
The 2019 soccer season for McCracken County and St. Mary was originally slated to begin Monday as a doubleheader. With heat indicies in excess of 100 degrees, the girls’ game originally scheduled for 5:30 p.m. was moved to 7, then 7:45. At 8 p.
Women's Soccer - Regional Tournament
Author: Paducah Su
Mustangs Women's Soccer will play Graves County in the first round of the Regional Tournament. They will play on Monday, October 15th at 6:45pm, at MCHS - Mercy Health Field. Admission $5. 
Women's Soccer - McCracken County sweeps 1st District Championship
Author: Paducah Sun
Lady Mustangs stymie Lady Tornado On the girls side of the First District tournament it was all Lady Mustangs ripping off eight goals, while the Lady Tornado were held to only one penalty kick goal in the final five minutes of the 8-1 game. But the
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Mallory Austin entered latest scores, check them here new scores
Mallory Austin entered latest scores, check them here new scores
Mallory Austin entered latest scores, check them here new scores
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