McCracken County Mustangs Men's Basketball
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February 2020
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Men's Basketball - Mustangs move on in district tourney
Author: Paducah Sun
Max Blackwell and Nate Whitis aren’t starters for McCracken County. They don’t necessarily pick up regular minutes, either. But, when they do see playing time, they contribute. Both were on the floor for most of the second half in Mo
Men's Basketball - McCune finding his shot at McCracken
Author: Paducah Sun
Ian McCune is a two-sport athlete at McCracken County. Most of the attention paid the junior has been on the football field, where for a season he was the backup quarterback for the Mustangs, before moving to wide receiver. McCune is also a mem
Men's Basketball - Mustangs close regular season with OT win over Murray
Author: Paducah Sun
Jackson Sivills might very well have some big games in the Murray city limits once he graduates from McCracken County. He may even have a couple more in the First Region tournament, should the Mustangs advance as one of the two representatives fro
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Mallory Austin entered latest scores, check them here new scores
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