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Tennis - McCracken's Shiben gives top seed tough battle
Author: Paducah Sun
LEXINGTON -- Boy, did she make a real go of it. But Carrie Beckman was on a mission, and Sophia Shiben was in the way. Saturday morning at the Hilary Boone Tennis Courts in Lexington, it was Sacred Heart's sophomore No. 1 seed and defending KHS
Tennis - McCracken's Shiben advances to state semis
Author: Paducah Sun
LEXINGTON -- It was the perfect birthday gift. McCracken County's No. 3 seed Sophia Shiben woke up 17 years old on Friday, then went out and beat Covington Latin's No. 9 seed Sara Watanabe 6-0, 6-3 in the KHSAA State Tennis Round of 16 at the Hila
Tennis - 1st Region shines in rain-soaked state tennis tourney
Author: Paducah Sun
LaFont laments Three months ago, McCracken County's Cannon LaFont wasn't even holding a tennis racquet. It wasn't because he couldn't. He just hadn't. Fast forward to Thursday morning as an unseeded regional qualifier for the state tournament,
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