McCracken County Dance Team
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Dance Team performance Sept. 2nd 2016 "Me Too"
Dance Team Regionals Performance 3.7.2016
MCHS Dance Team 2015
"Halo" Home Performance 9/25/2015
Beyonce Dance, Angle #2
MCHS Dance Team September 19th 2015
Mustang Dancers 2015-2016 1st Performance
"Halo" UDA Home Routine performed by MCHS Varsity Dancers
Beyonce Mix 01-30-2015
Dance - 2019 KDCO State Champions - Pom!
Congratulations to the Mustangs Dance Team on winning the 2019 KDCO State Championship in Pom!! 
Dance - 2019 KDCO Region Champions - Small Jazz and Pom
Congratulations to the Mustangs Dance Team - 2019 KDCO Region Champions in Small Jazz and Small Pom! 
Dance - 2018 KHSAA Small Jazz Sectional Champions!!
Congratulations to the Mustangs Dance Team - 2018 KHSAA Small Jazz Sectional Team Champions!!
Latest Club Chat:

Quentin Giles 9/14/2012

"The dance team will not perform at the Heath game on Friday, September 14, 2012. "

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