McCracken County Mustangs Softball

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Softball - McCracken advances into First Region semifinals
Author: Paducah Sun
Lady Mustangs open day, top Calloway 6-0 What happens when McCracken County's athletic outfield -- Alli Douglas, Ariel Fox and Bailey Watts -- erases runs? Or when Abigayle Duren pitches six-and-a-third shutout innings? Or when the Lady Mustangs l
Softball - HRs, Duren help McCracken to sixth-straight district title
Author: Paducah Sun
Tuesday night at Baptist Health Field didn't go as planned for McCracken County. And yet, the Lady Mustangs still galloped to their sixth-consecutive Second District title behind a 14-5 win over Paducah Tilghman -- thanks to home runs from Ariel F
Softball - McCracken's Fox named Paducah Sun Co-Softball Player of the Week
Ariel Fox School: McCracken County Position: 2B/CF Grade: Freshman Notable: In the Lady Mustangs' eight-game week, Fox stayed consistent throughout. The team's leadoff hitter all season, she went 14-for-27 at the plate with seven e
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Mallory Austin entered latest scores, check them here new scores
Mallory Austin entered latest scores, check them here new scores
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