McCracken County Mustangs Men's Soccer
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1st Team - Jaxon Allard and Luis Lopez
Honorable Mention - Kevin Pastor<a href="Photo.aspx?photoId=249768&">&nbsp;Rate &amp; Comment</a>
Johnny Kirkpatrick, Owen Lacey, Ian Leatherman, Max Dietz, Kevin Pastor, Luis Lopez and Jaxon Allard (MVP)!<a href="Photo.aspx?photoId=249595&">&nbsp;Rate &amp; Comment</a>
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Men's Soccer - Regional Tournament
Mustangs Men's Soccer will play Calloway County in the opening round of the Regional Tournament. They will play on Tuesday, October 16th vs Calloway @ Marshall County @ 5:30pm. 
Men's Soccer - McCracken County sweeps 1st District Championship
Author: Paducah Sun
When you keep the other team from scoring, it's a good bet you will come away with the win. And that's just what McCracken County did to capture the First District championship Thursday night at Mercy Health Field. The Mustangs held Paducah Tilghman
Men's Soccer - Mustangs 1st District soccer
Author: Paducah Sun
McCracken 10, Ballard Memorial 0 The McCracken Mustangs did just what was expected in the opening match of the First District Boys Soccer tournament held at McCracken's own Mercy Health Field, dumping Ballard Memorial 10-0. It took the Mustangs alm
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