McCracken County Mustangs Co-Ed Cheerleading

UCA High School Nationals

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Eastern Kentucky University - Parker Lyon, Zhi Ming Wang, Cameron Wilson
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Coed Cheer - 2019 UCA National Champions!!
Congratulations to Mustangs Coed Cheer - 2019 UCA National Champions Medium Coed Division!! For the third year in a row!!! 
Coed Cheer - 2018 UCA Bluegrass Champions!!
Congratulations to the Mustangs Coed Cheer Team on winning the 2018 UCA Bluegrass Championship and earning a bid to Nationals!! 
Congratulations Mustangs Coed Cheer - 2018 UCA National Champions!!
Congratulations to the Mustangs Coed Cheer Team - 2018 UCA National Champions!! Back to Back Championships!! 
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