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Winito Athletics Demo Video
Bowling - 2019 Kentucky State Pepsi Youth Bowling Championships WINNERS
Over the weekend, three McCracken County students won their divisions in the 2019 Kentucky State Pepsi Youth Bowling Championships at Dixie Bowl in Louisville.   MCHS:  Sydney Martin, Girls U15 HMS:  Elliott Wilson, B
Men's Bowling - Cooper Thompson finishes 3rd at State
Congratulations to Cooper Thompson on his 3rd Place finish at the 2019 KHSAA State Bowling Singles Tournament! 
Congratulations Mustangs Men's Bowling - 2019 Region Runner-Up; Cooper Thompson - Singles Region Runner-Up
Congratulations to the Mustangs Men's Bowling Team - 2019 Region Runner-up! Cooper Thompson was also the 2019 Region Runner-Up in Singles! They will advance to the State Tournament!  On the Women's Bowling Team, Natalie Rose finished 8th in t
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