McCracken County Mustangs Women's Basketball
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2017 Little Dribblers
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2017Little Dribblers




11/18 (SAT)             MEET THE MUSTANGS                   5:45P.M.        SHA

12/01 (FRI)              LIVINGSTON CENTRAL                  7:30P.M.        SHA

12/05 (FRI)              CALLOWAY COUNTY                       7:30P.M.        SHA

12/08 (FRI)              MARSHALL COUNTY                       7:30P.M.        SHA




11/12 (SUN)              3:00P.M.– 3:45P.M.             SHA- (MAIN GYM)

11/16 (THUR)          6:30P.M. – 7:15P.M.             SHA- (MAIN GYM)

11/20 (MON)            6:30P.M. – 7:15P.M.             AUX- (AUX GYM)

11/28 (TUE)             5:30P.M. -  6:15P.M.             AUX-(AUX GYM)

12/07 (THUR)          6:30P.M. – 7:15P.M.             AUX- (AUX GYM)




·     The Lady Mustangs coaching staff and players will be conducting the practices and also the performances at halftime. 

·     Your child will be given a white and crimson practice top and a basketball before their first performance.

·     We ask that you provide a pair of black short that will match with our group.  The shorts can be plain or you may already have a pair of Mustang shorts. 

·     Little Dribblers will be strictly performance based. We will only have a set amount of time to perform our routine during halftime.  We will try and keep it simple for our young kids.

·     Every single performance will take place at Strawberry Hills Pharmacy Arena(SHA).  We will always perform during the BOYS halftime. 

·     Please make sure you are at the high school at the appointed time.  The games will sometimes not start specifically at 7:30 but close.  We will line up in the aux gym for every performance around the four minute mark of the 2nd quarter. 

·     We will always make an announcement during the second quarter on where to bring your child.  We will then line them up and go over instructions. 

·     We will always bring your child back to the same spot and you can leave from there or come back in the gym for the second half of the boy’s game.

·     We will have the schedule on .  If we have any inclement weather, we will post something on the girl’s basketball page. 

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