• McCracken County Band

    John Lovell - Director
    Kelley Ray - Director

    The Official McCracken County Band

  • McCracken County Dance Team

    Wheeler Hughes - Coach

    McCracken County Dance Team

  • McCracken County Golf

    Chris Hunkler - Varsity Head Coach Mustang Girl's Team
    Nick Mills - Varsity Head Coach Mustang Boys Golf Team

    Barry Kight - Varsity Assistant Coach Mustang Boys Team
    Todd Trimble - Varsity Assistant Coach Mustang Girls Team

    Providing information about the Mustang Boys and Girls Golf Teams

  • McCracken County Mustangs All-Girl Cheerleading

    Lorie Fick - Head Coach

    Kayla Dearmond - Assistant Coach

    2013-2014 Mustang All-Girl Cheerleading

  • McCracken County Mustangs Baseball

    Geno Miller - Head Coach

    Zach Hobbs - Varsity Assistant
    Joe Troutman - JV Assistant

    Daniel Edwards - Assistant Coach
    Sam Rushing - Head Summer Team

    McCracken County Mustangs Baseball

  • McCracken County Mustangs Bowling

    Tara Martin - Head Coach

  • McCracken County Mustangs Co-Ed Cheerleading

    Jennifer McKenzie - Head Coach

    Lindsey Behrendt - Asst. Coach

    McCracken County Mustang Co-Ed Cheerleading

  • McCracken County Mustangs Football

    Marc Clark - Head Coach

    Wes Brown - Coach
    Jeff Cima - Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers
    Clint Conway - Coach
    David Dobbins - Varsity Defensive Back Coach
    Steve Etheridge - Offensive Line Coach
    Kelly Glass - Assistant Head Coach / Safety’s
    Jason Nickal - Coach
    Dylan Sonnek - Coach
    Jeffery Sturm - Wide Receivers Assistant Coach
    Joe Troutman - Equipment Manager

    Mustangs Football

  • McCracken County Mustangs Men's Basketball

    Burlin Brower - Head Coach

    Andy Poore - Assistant Coach
    Dustin Roberts - Assistant Coach
    Terry Shumpert - Assistant Coach
    Jeffery Sturm - Assistant Coach

    McCracken County High School Men's Basketball

  • McCracken County Mustangs Men's Soccer

    Michael Wiersema - Head Coach

    Max Champion - Coach
    Edwin Ortez - Head JV Coach/2nd Assitant

    McCracken County High School Men's Soccer

  • McCracken County Mustangs Softball

    Tony Hayden - Head Coach

    Dale Connor - support staff
    Lyne Dickey - Freshman Coach
    Ashley Simmons - Freshman Coach

    John Howard - Assistant Coach
    David Scheer - Assistant Coach
    Jim Shoulders - support staff
    Cory Tilford - Assistant Coach
    Sheri Tilford - support staff

    McCracken County Mustangs Softball

  • McCracken County Mustangs Tennis

    Larry Heflin - Head Coach

    mike murphy - Assistant Coach
    Andy Poore - Assistant Coach

    McCracken County Mustangs Tennis

  • McCracken County Mustangs Volleyball

    Tim Whitis - Head Coach

    Amber Conyea - Varsity Assistant
    Shelli Sherman - Coach

    Hannah Hudson - JV Coach

    McCracken County Mustangs Volleyball

  • McCracken County Mustangs Women's Basketball

    Scott Sivills - Head Coach

    Aseer Scott - Associate Head Coach/Freshman Coach

    Meleah Goodin - Assistant Coach
    Chris Gregory - Associate Head Coach/JV Coach
    John Howard - Assistant Coach

    McCracken County High School Women's Basketball

  • McCracken County Mustangs Women's Soccer

    Bryan Hantak - Head Coach

    Chris Lacey - Coach
    Sandy Nickal - Coach

    McCracken County Mustang Women's Soccer

  • McCracken County Mustangs Women's Track & Field

    Jesse Byrd - Head Coach

    Nicole Jones - Assistant Coach

    McCracken County High School Women's Track & Field

  • Men's Cross Country

    Barry Knight - Head Coach

    Men's Cross Country Team Page

  • Men's Track & Field

    Steven "Vito" - Head Coach

    Barry Knight - Assistant Coach (Distance)

    LeAndre Bolen - Assistant Coach (Sprints)
    Michael Jones - Assistant Coach (Throws)

    McCracken County High School Men's Track & Field

  • Mustang Intramural Sports Organization

    MISO is an opportunity for students to become more active and involved in positive activities outside of school.

  • Swim Team

    Lance Bowman - Head Coach

    Kevin Stephens - Assistant Coach

    Men's and Women's Swimming Team Page

  • Women's Cross Country

    Maria Grogan - Head Coach

    Lonna Starnes - Coach

    Women's Cross Country Team Page

  • Wrestling

    Jason Nickal - Head Wrestling Coach

    Seth Livingston - Assistant Coach

    Jake Landels - Assistant Coach
    Josef Vlach - Assistant Coach
    Terrel Wilbourn - Assistant Coach

    Varsity Wrestling Team Page

  • McCracken County Mustangs Bass Fishing

    John Parks - Head Coach

    Dan Morehead - Assistant Coach
    Jay Smith - Assistant Coach

    The Mustang Bass Team is a competition team that participates in bass tournaments throughout Kentucky and the region. Bass Fishing is sanctioned by the KHSAA and McCracken County competes for the state championship each year.



  • Strawberry Hills Pharmacy
  • Marquette Transportation Company
  • Orthopedic Institute of Western Kentucky
  • Pepsi Mid-America
  • C-Plant Federal Credit Union
  • Lourdes Hospital
  • Finish Line Carwash
  • Hilliard Lyons
  • Edward Jones Financial Services
  • Pain Management Center
  • Paducah Bank
  • River Valley AgCredit
  • Baptist Health Paducah