Bowling - Mustang bowlers sweep Massac County
12/4/2017 8:35 AM

The McCracken County boys bowling team shut out the Massac County Patriots 6-0 at Cardinal Lanes in Paducah on Thursday night. The Mustang girls team also outbowled the Patriot girls 41/2 to 11/2.

Each school fielded two teams of four bowlers for complete game competition. The Mustang boys won 619-397, 502-476, 600-472 and 649-476. The girls tied 458-458, lost 500-423 and won 394-342 and 376-320.

High rollers for the boys were Noah Williams 265, Daniel Garcia 219, Jay Oliver 219 and 210, Jared Hankins 215 and Connor Scholl 199. High girl scorers included Sydney Martin 170 and 168, Cailen Vincent 150 and Natalie Rose 145.

McCracken County also swept Massac County in Bakers competition.

The boys won 180-105,147-121, and 178-160, while the girls topped the Patriots 168-144 and 156-138.

Next up on the Mustang schedule is today's Crimson Bakers Tournament in Louisville.

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