Bowling - McCracken bowlers strike down Barren
1/9/2018 9:58 AM

McCracken County boys and girls bowling teams swept a pair of matches from Barren County at Ralphie's Fun Center on Saturday.

The Mustang boys won their match 6-1 and three of their four full game matches 549-530, 653-530 and 607-491, while losing once, 588-565. They also won both Bakers games 180-129 and 226-166 and were awarded a final point for the total pins win.

Cooper Thompson had the high score for McCracken at 248 followed by Scott Fidlay (213 twice), Daniel Gracia (212), Jared Hankins (203) and Noah Williams (202).

The Lady Mustangs also won their match 6-1 and all four full game matches, 510-402, 426-335, 469-364 and 470-441, while splitting two Bakers games with a 123-108 win and a 125-123 loss. They were also awarded one final point for a total pins win. High scorers were Robin Ford (212), Sydney Martin (203 and 210), Lindsey Carroll (165 and 172) and Natalie Rose (153).

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