Joey Fosko Memorial Scholarship Application 2018
1/9/2018 6:43 PM

First Region Athletic Directors Association

Joey Fosko Memorial Scholarship Application



General Information:  The FRADA is pleased to announce the availability of non-renewal scholarships/grants-in-aid to be awarded annually to one (1) girl and one (1) boy in each of the schools in Region 1.  The recipients will be chosen from deserving senior athletes from each high school who will be continuing their education at a post-secondary school.

Eligibility Criteria:  To be eligible, an applicant must:

1.     Be a U.S.citizen or in the process of obtaining citizenship and a Kentucky resident.

2.    Be a senior student in good standing at aKentucky Region 1 high school that is a member of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association.

3.    Be a participant on a varsity athletic team in his/her high school.

4.    Plan to attend a post-secondary institution in the upcoming year as a full time student.

5.    Be Drug Free

6.    Submit an accurate and complete application by the designated deadline

Application Process:  All applicants must:

1.     Carefully complete all parts of the scholarship application.  Please type or fill out in ink.

2.    Submit:

a.    A short essay (less than 300 words) about yourself and how sports have impacted your life.

b.    One letter of recommendation.

 Turn Applications in to Kris Garrett or Team Shop - Deadline is February 5th.



Name: ____________________________________________  SS#: ______________________


Permanent Address: ____________________________________________________________


City: ___________________________________ State:  ____________  Zip: _______________


Birth Date: ___________________________  HomePhone No:  _________________________


Cell Phone No: _________________________  SchoolYou Attend:  ______________________


Home E-Mail Address:  _________________________  Counselor: _______________________


Student Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Parent Signature: ______________________________________________________________

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