Women's Track - McCracken girls win Tilghman Invitational
4/16/2018 8:17 AM

The forecast looked bleak for Saturday’s 59th running of the Paducah Tilghman Invitational at Paducah Tilghman High School, but the weather was – for the most part – cooperative.

That a meet was completed this time of the year, with as much rain that has come through the area this spring was an accomplishment in itself.

The host Blue Tornado won the boys’ side of the meet, finishing with 165 points – 46.5 points ahead of Mayfield.

“Despite the elements, I was really proud,” Tilghman coach Randy Wyatt said. “We went out and performed as best as we could. My main thing was making sure we walked out of here injury free. That’s all I’m concerned about. I knew our marks weren’t going to be as good this week because of the elements.

“Our kids went out and fought hard and we got better. That’s what it’s all about, getting better week after week.”

For the girls, McCracken County emerged as the top team, picking up 159.5 points – a mere 3.5 points more than Tilghman.

“They ran very well,” Lady Mustangs coach Lonna Starnes said. “I was very proud of them. They’ve been working hard in practice. It showed today.”

McCracken County freshman Maggie Aydt was the runner-up in the girls’ 3200-meter run, crossing the line in 11 minutes, 41.54 seconds. Ahead of Aydt was Dresden (Tenn.) junior Loral Winn, whose 11:34.78 helped pace her.

Both beat the previous record of 11:42.03, set by Whitesburg’s Kim Fields in 1985.

“I thought (Aydt) was going to have her right at the end,” Starnes said. “She has this amazing kick. I was very proud of her. We’ve been working on some speed. We’ve been working on some long runs. That was her goal, to stay up there. She did a great job.”

Lady Mustang Payton Newberry, after winning both the shot put (33 feet, 11 inches) and discus (103 feet, 4 inches), was named the top girls field athlete.

“I didn’t throw as well as I could’ve, but we can only go up from here, so I’m pretty happy with it,” Newberry said.

Tilghman senior a student first

Perhaps one of the more impressive finishes of the afternoon belonged to Tilghman senior Bran Milliken in the 300-meter hurdles.

After arriving late to the meet because she had to take the ACT, Milliken set right to work, setting a personal-best with a 47.88.

“I was thinking about getting my form together, staying ahead and not letting too many people get past me,” said Milliken, who spent the winter playing basketball for the Lady Tornado, while recovering from a left ACL injury and suffering from tendonitis. “The 300 hurdles is a very hard race. I was just trying to stay calm, cool and collected, and focus on winning the race.

“I didn’t really think I was going to PR today. I didn’t get to warm up like I wanted to. I just have to ice (my knee) a lot to keep my tendonitis down, and stretch and stuff like that, and I’m good. I’m doing alright so far. It bothers me sometimes, but I’m alright.”

Mayfield senior wins long jump

As it turns out, there are seldom few sports at Mayfield that senior Kyle Hurt doesn’t play.

The star linebacker/tight end on the school’s football team and this year’s All-Purchase Player of the Year, who also pitches and plays outfield on its baseball team – concurrent with track – won the long jump with a distance of 20 feet, 11.5 inches.

“On my first jump, my steps were a little messed up,” said Hurt, who also ran on the 4x100 and 4x200 meter relay teams. “My coach (Mayfield track assistant Paul Glynn) and I came together and talked about it, and got it fixed. I increased on every jump. I’m glad about that. I’ve just got to keep working. My personal goal is to win a state championship individually and as a team. This year, I plan on getting the job done.”

Full results


Team results

Winner: Paducah Tilghman, 165 points

Runner-up: Mayfield, 118.5 points

Third place: McCracken County, 100 points

Individual results

Top track athlete: Jayden Freeman, Paducah Tilghman

Top field athlete: Barrett Hendley, Mayfield

100-meter dash

Winner: Jayden Freeman (Tilghman), 11.74 seconds

Runner-up: Jaden Graham (Tilghman), 12.21

Third place: Christian Bobo (Calloway Co.), 12.27

200-meter dash

Winner: Jayden Freeman (Tilghman), 23.45

Runner-up: Taeshawn Allen (McCracken Co.), 24.67

Third place: Jaquellus Martin (Trigg Co.), 24.87

400-meter run

Winner: Zea Tharpe (Tilghman), 53.68

Runner-up: Aaron Fennel (Calloway Co.), 54.02

Third place: Tony Parrott (Mayfield), 55.23

800-meter run

Winner: Michael Helmich (McCracken Co.), 2:13.32

Runner-up: Wyatt Dunham (Calloway Co.), 2:17.39

Third place: Isaac Madding (Fulton Co.), 2:17.40

1600-meter run

Winner: Christian Parker (Madisonville-North Hopkins), 4:36.21

Runner-up: Garrett Watts (Madisonville-North Hopkins), 4:38.70

Third place: Isaac Madding (Fulton Co.), 5:02.57

3200-meter run

Winner: Christian Parker (Madisonville-North Hopkins), 10:07.92

Runner-up: Garrett Watts (Madisonville-North Hopkins), 10:15.40

Third place: Charlie West (St. Mary), 11:10.90

110-meter hurdles

Winner: Malachi Kirby (Tilghman), 15.93

Runner-up: Kymaiah Barner (Tilghman), 16.07

Third place: Dawson Estes (Union Co.), 17.98

300-meter hurdles

Winner: Malachi Kirby (Tilghman), 43.16

Runner-up: J’Hari Ellington (Tilghman), 44.52

Third place: Logan Curd (Calloway Co.), 44.58

4x100-meter relay

Winner: Tilghman (Jayden Freeman, Luke Birdsong, Jaden Graham, Anthony Hunt), 44.47

Runner-up: Mayfield (Kyle Hurt, Jordan Harrison, Alonzo Daniel, Diaz Perry), 45.34

Third place: Calloway Co. (Cody Orr, Christian Bobo, Aaron Fennel, Deni Salas)

4x100-meter relay (throwers)

Winner: Tilghman (Jackson Kelly, Tayjuan Kelly, Rasheed Reed, Jared Smelosky), 55.16

Runner-up: McCracken Co. (Vito Spadafino, Leandre Bolen, Hayden Faughn, Brandon Gray), 55.22

4x200-meter relay

Winner: Mayfield (Kyle Hurt, Jordan Harrison, Alonzo Daniel, Diaz Perry), 1:35.69

Runner-up: Calloway Co. (Cody Orr, Christian Bobo, Aaron Fennel, Deni Salas), 1:36.09

Third place: Tilghman (Jayden Freeman, Zea Tharpe, Luke Birdsong, Quan Thomas), 1:36.10

4x400-meter relay

Winner: Tilghman (Jaheim Concentine, Zea Tharpe, Jackson Goodwin, Bishop Christ), 3:44.82

Runner-up: McCracken Co. (Corey Milam, Wes Grogan, Michael Helmich, Carew Ellington), 3:49.31

Third place: Calloway Co. (Dareios Stribling, Aaron Fennel, Jordan Higgins, Logan Curd), 3:50.27

4x800-meter relay

Winner: McCracken Co. (Wes Grogan, Michael Helmich, Connor Scholl, Cameron Jackson), 9:02.33

Runner-up: Calloway Co. (Wyatt Dunham, Eli Maggert, Jorge Nunez, Jordan Higgins), 9:22.28

Third place: Mayfield (Willy Adams, Tony Parrott, Lucas Routen, Daniel King), 9:37.53

High jump

Winner: Jordan Harrison (Mayfield), 5 feet, 8 inches

Runner-up: Race Richards (Graves Co.), 5 feet, 8 inches

Third place: Tyler Cowan (Union Co.), 5 feet, 8 inches

Pole vault

Winner: J’Hari Ellington (Tilghman), 11 feet, 6 inches

Runner-up: Vito Spadafino (McCracken Co.), 9 feet, 6 inches

Third place: Caleb Spain (Calloway Co.), 9 feet

Long jump

Winner: Kyle Hurt (Mayfield), 20 feet, 11.5 inches

Runner-up: Christian Bobo (Calloway Co.), 20 feet, 5 inches

Third place: Kyron Grubbs (Trigg Co.), 19 feet, 5 inches

Triple jump

Winner: Landen Fitzgerald (Tilghman), 38 feet, 8 inches

Runner-up: Avery Bacon (Mayfield), 38 feet

Third place: Denzel Perry (Mayfield), 37 feet, 7.5 inches

Shot put

Winner: Barrett Henley (Mayfield), 50 feet, 6 inches

Runner-up: Jackson Kelly (Tilghman), 40 feet, 11 inches

Third place: Christian Lawson (Graves Co.), 38 feet, 9 inches


Winner: DaRoyce Flemons (Tilghman), 126 feet, 1 inch

Runner-up: Amarion Patterson (Tilghman), 119 feet, 1 inch

Third place: Christian Lawson (Graves Co.), 114 feet, 1 inch


Team results

Winner: McCracken County, 159.5 points

Runner-up: Paducah Tilghman, 155 points

Third place: Calloway County, 86 points

Individual results

Top track athlete: Valeisha Watson, Paducah Tilghman

Top field athlete: Payton Newberry, McCracken Co.

100-meter dash

Winner: Valesha Watson (Tilghman), 12.92 seconds

Runner-up: Amari Kendrick (Mayfield), 14.27

Third place: Mallory Blake (McCracken Co.), 14.33

200-meter dash

Winner: Valesha Watson (Tilghman), 26.43

Runner-up: Massie Harris (Tilghman), 28.64

Third place: Gillian Davis (McCracken Co.), 28.87

400-meter run

Winner: Loral Winn (Dresden), 1:01.62

Runner-up: Massie Harris (Tilghman), 1:02.57

Third place: DeDe Barbee (Trigg Co.), 1:04.33

800-meter run

Winner: Madelyn Waltmon (St. Mary), 2:33.85

Runner-up: Anna Johnson (Dresden), 2:39.30

Third place: Sophie Grogan (McCracken Co.), 2:40.75

1600-meter run

Winner: Anna Johnson (Dresden), 5:40.26

Runner-up: Abbie Farmer (McCracken Co.), 5:44.23

Third place: Joy Alexander (Madisonville-North Hopkins), 5:46.02

3200-meter run

Winner: Loral Winn (Dresden), 11:34.78

Runner-up: Maggie Aydt (McCracken Co.), 11:41.54

Third place: Joy Alexander (Madisonville-North Hopkins), 12:13.30

100-meter hurdles

Winner: Jadyn Lencki (Calloway Co.), 17.50

Runner-up: Chaney Cox (Calloway Co.), 18.59

Third place: Nautica Beasley (Tilghman), 19.36

300-meter hurdles

Winner: Bran Milliken (Tilghman), 47.88

Runner-up: Lizzie Levinson (McCracken Co.), 48.69

Third place: Jadyn Lencki (Calloway Co.), 54.02

4x100-meter relay

Winner: Paducah Tilghman (Nautica Beasley, Bran Milliken, Valesha Watson, Jaaliyah Biggers), 48.91

Runner-up: Mayfield (Aniya Fox, Jaden Whitehead, Amari Kendrick, Kalaya Kenley), 48.93

Third place: Calloway Co. (Jadyn Lencki, Chaney Cox, Eleri Gesler, Elle Carson), 48.94

4x100-meter relay (throwers)

Winner: McCracken Co. (Peyton Newberry, Joella Williams, Sarah Adams, Keighley Galloway), 1:03.42

Runner-up: St. Mary (Carrie Bell, Abigail Hatton, Brianna Doran, Chiara Doran), 1:08.45

4x200-meter relay

Winner: Tilghman (Bran Milliken, Jaaliyah Biggers, Massie Harris, Diamond Gray), 1:47.56

Runner-up: Mayfield (Aniya Fox, Jaden Whitehead, Amari Kendrick, Kalaya Kenley), 1:55.63

Third place: Calloway Co. (Jadyn Lencki, Eleri Gesler, Ellie Jackson, Avery Poston), 1:56.41

4x400-meter relay

Winner: Calloway Co. (Jessica Wicker, Jadyn Lencki, Ellie Jackson, Elle Carson), 4:34.84

Runner-up: Trigg Co. (Isabella Alexander, Trinity Cavanaugh, DeDe Barbee, Lexie Wright), 4:45.24

Third place: McCracken Co. (Sophie Grogan, Kaitlyn Brooks, Kaurie Whitfield, Meghan Adams), 4:50.71

4x800-meter relay

Winner: McCracken Co. (Sophie Grogan, Maggie Dowdy, Abbie Farmer, Maggie Aydt), 10:30.88

Runner-up: Madisonville-North Hopkins (Mia Bruno, Alyssa Bruno, Lauren Adkins, Abby Harris), 11:08.08

Third place: Trigg Co. (Livi Ricks, Lexi Ricks, Riley Bush, Breeanna Barnes), 11:45.98

High jump

Winner: Claren Lowry (McCracken Co.), 4 feet, 10 inches

Runner-up: Maddie Adams (Graves Co.), 4 feet, 6 inches

Third place: Meghan Adams (McCracken Co.), 4 feet, 2 inches

Pole vault

Winner: Megan Summers (Tilghman), 9 feet

Runner-up: Sarah Hobbs (Tilghman), 7 feet, 6 inches

Third place: Mary Kate Via (Tilghman), 7 feet

Long jump

Winner: Jaaliyah Biggers (Tilghman), 15 feet, 7 inches

Runner-up: Jaden Whitehead (Mayfield), 15 feet, 1 inch

Third place: Sarah Hobbs (Tilghman), 14 feet, 5 inches

Triple jump

Winner: Jaaliyah Biggers (Tilghman), 34 feet, 5 inches

Runner-up: Jaden Whitehead (Mayfield), 33 feet, 8.5 inches

Third place: Eleri Gesler (Calloway Co.), 32 feet, 10 inches

Shot put

Winner: Payton Newberry (McCracken Co.), 33 feet, 11 inches

Runner-up: Sarah Adams (McCracken Co.), 33 feet

Third place: Kiya Coleman (Tilghman), 30 feet, 11 inches


Winner: Payton Newberry (McCracken Co.), 103 feet, 4 inches

Runner-up: Jonce Caldwell (Tilghman), 89 feet

Third place: Sarah Adams (McCracken Co.), 76 feet, 2 inches

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