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TwitterAccount:  @CoachSpad


Head Coach: Steven “Vito” Spadafino Cell:  627-4668  Email:

Assistant Coach (Distance):  Barry Knight Cell:  (270) 816-3816  Email:  

Assistant Coach (Throws):  LeAndre Bolen Cell:  (270) 320-9747  Email:

Assistant Coach (Pole Vault):  Aden Pegram Cell:  (270) 556-0400  Email:



Varsity Parent Meeting:              Mon. November 25th 6:30@ MCHS Cafeteria

First Track Practice:                     Mon.December 2nd 4:30 @ McCracken Co. HS

First Indoor Track Meet:              Sat. January 18thWest Region HS Invitational @ Murray State Univ.

MiddleSchool Parent Meeting:  Tue. January 27th6:30 @ MCHS Cafeteria

FirstMiddle School Practice:               Mon. February 3rd@ McCracken Co. HS

FirstOutdoor Track Meet:           Tue. March 10thMcCracken County Quad-Meet I

First MiddleSchool Track Meet: Thu. March 12thMarshall MS All-Comers

Region 1Class AAA:                   TBA

KTCCCAMiddle School State:   Sat. May 30th@ University of Louisville

KHSAAState Meet:                     Sat. June 6th@ University of Kentucky


Home TrackMeet Dates:            

Tue. March 10th McCracken CountyQuad-Meet I

Tue. March 24th McCracken CountyQuad-Meet II

Thu. April 2nd McCracken MiddleSchool Invitational

Fri. April 17th Swift & StaleyMidwest Team Challenge – Day 1

Tue. May 5th McCracken CountyQuad-Meet III (Sr. Night)

Tue. May 12th Jr. Mustang ElementaryInvitational





RESPECT             Show Respect for your school,program, teammates, and self by being responsible for your words and

                             actions on and off of the track.  You must give respect to earn respect.

ATTITUDE           Maintain a Positive Attitude in regard to yourabilities, progress, and performance in times of success and failure.  Whether satisfied or disappointed, the rightattitude will allow you to learn from every experience and persevere.

COMMITMENT Your Commitmenthas to match your Desire.  To be a champion you must be “all in” all of the time. 

                             Follow through with your responsibilitiesand meet the expectations that come with being part of a

                             championship program.

EFFORT               Give a Championship Effort if you want to be a champion.  Give a concentrated effort to get the mostout of every exercise, every drill, and every practice.  We’d rather shoot for 1st and get3rd than shoot for 3rd and Get 3rd.


1)  Students Grades 6-12 will be permitted toparticipate in the McCracken County Track & Field Program and are expectedto meet the school’s academic and behavior criteria in order to do so. Grades 6th-8thare eligible for Middle School Meets Grades 7th-12th areeligible for Varsity Competition.


2)  A Practice and MeetSchedule will be provided for the entire season.  Practices will be held at MCHS and will beginpromptly at posted start times.  Some workouts may be conducted off campus suchas Noble Park or surrounding neighborhoods.  Athletes are expected to be at practice ontime and dressed appropriately for workouts both indoors & outdoors.


3)  Athletes are expected toinform the Head Coach Ahead of Time if a practice must be missed.  Practices are essential to athletes’ progressand each practice builds off of the one prior and sets up the next.  Track is in-season from Dec. 1st – Jun.6th and takes priority over any out-of-season sports or intramurals.  Missing due to academic activities,non-school related functions, jobs schedules, or appointments must be clearedwith the coach prior to making the 6month commitment to the program.  Attendance is taken daily.  Excessive absence, tardiness, or leavingpractice early will result in dismissal from the team.


4)  An Athlete must attend 10Practicesbefore he may Participate in any Track Meet.


5)  Attendance at Meets isMANDATORY once the Entry Sheet is sent in and Events Posted!  Let Coach know ahead of time if unavailablefor a meet.  Entry deadlines for meetsare usually 3-5 days prior to each meet and events will be posted onGoMcCracken.Com once those are submitted. Missing a meet without priornotification will cause an athlete to be excluded from the next scheduledmeet.  A second occurrence will result indismissal from the team.


6)  Each athlete mustcompete in At Least 2 Events at each track meet if schedulingallows.  Missing an event at atrack meet, on purpose or by accident, or refusing to compete in a scheduledevent will cause an athlete to be excluded from the next scheduled meet.  A second occurrence may result in dismissalfrom the team.



Having the Proper Footwear is essential in Track& Field.  They are your most used and most importantpiece of equipment!  The proper shoes iftaken care of will improve performance & prevent injury.  Runners should be prepared with BOTHTraining Shoes & Spikes or Throwing Shoes each day at practice and meets.  Typeof workout and running surface will determine which is worn for each part ofpractice.  Training shoes are bestpurchased in person and tried on at the store. Spikes can be found at reasonable prices online at and I recommend a Middle Distance Spike as it will be functionalfor Sprints, Distance, Hurdles and Jumps. A Watch is Another Essential piece of Equipment to help keeppaces in training.  A basic watch with astopwatch function can be found at Wal-Mart for $15-$35 no need for fancy GPSwatches, the more functions the more expensive they run.



Wear practice clothes that are appropriate forthe WEATHER!  I recommend having Shorts,T-Shirts, Sweat Pants, Sweat Shirts, Compression Pants, Compression Shirts, Gloves,and Toboggan. WE WILL BE PRACTICING OUTSIDE as-much-as possible for Safety andQuality of Workouts!  Heavy Rain or ExtremelyLow Temperatures will force us to practice indoors.  We will never cancel practice due toweather unless school is dismissed.  MustangTrack Gear will be made available for Purchase.



Some meets are located a long distanceaway.  School transportation will beprovided for students to and from all meets as long as bus drivers areavailable.  In the event a driver isunavailable we may take school vans or have parents carpool for which permissionslips must be completed.  For overnight trips,hotel & trip details will be shared so that parents may make arrangementsto attend. Parents may sign-out their own child from meets after all of theirevents are complete.



The coaches will not be held responsible forPersonal Items such as cell phones, ear buds, hats, wallets, etc. lost, broken,or stolen at practices or meets. Athletes will have access to lockers that can be used to store personalbelongings and I will lock the locker room daily once everyone is out.  We suggest they are left at home or locked upbut unfortunately some kids have to learn the hard way.

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